Tippl members visiting participating Bars & Restaurants drink free.

With Tippl the first round is

taken care of. Cheers!

(Don’t worry, we are always growing)

What is Tippl?

Tippl is an app where members
get a free drink every day.

How it works

Step 1

Choose a Bar
or Restaurant

Step 2

Show Tippl to
Your Server

Step 3

Tap to Redeem
Your Drink!

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You get a free drink every day
at Tippl-friendly locations.

Why use Tippl for your business?

Do it for the gram!

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Tippl is available for smartphones and tablets.

Get a free drink every day.

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*Limits one drink per user per day and one visit every 14 days per location.

Per federal law, members who download and use the app must be 21 years or older to redeem an alcoholic beverage. It remains the discretion of each affiliate location to verify the age of persons attempting to redeem an alcoholic beverage. (Sorry, our lawyers made us include this)