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How do you benefit?

Customer Acquisition

By joining as a Tippl-affiliated location, your business will be listed on our app. Any member will be keen to visit!

Zero Risk

The only cost to you is the price of one drink on the house for members with eligible redemptions available. The drink’s cost is only invested after the client is in your establishment.

Retention & Frequency

Once a member redeems a drink at a specific location they are incapable of redeeming a drink at that same location for a period of 14 days. Once 14 days has gone by, the customer will be once again incentivized to return again to your location.

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No Charge or Binding Contract

The only cost to you is one drink and the type of drink you offer is up to you. We simply ask that you honor our terms of agreement and provide eligible members with a free drink.

Same Equipment

No need for additional hardware, you can manage and record Tippl transactions on your current systems in any manner you wish.

Drink Limit

Each member can only redeem one drink a day at one Tippl affiliated establishment; and only twice per month at the same location.

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*Limits one drink per user per day and one visit every 14 days per location.

Per federal law, members who download and use the app must be 21 years or older to redeem an alcoholic beverage. It remains the discretion of each affiliate location to verify the age of persons attempting to redeem an alcoholic beverage. (Sorry, our lawyers made us include this)

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